Remodeling on a Budget

We all want that right? Remodeling on a budget. Now the real question is how can we stay on course and not go over the budget that we have set? It isn’t easy in the beginning to stay within the range of whatever your budget may be, but start with one room at a time. This is probably making you a little upset or even furious, because once you start something you just want it all done at the same time. But hear me out, this way you can focus on one thing at a time and put your all into it. It is much easier to stay within the means and achieving the quality of the outcome. Remember remodeling should never be a rush process, but a well thought out plan to achieve the TLC our houses and homes need.

This way you can research and find the best deals out there. Trust me when I say I am probably the biggest fan of a deal. It makes me all giddy to display something with pride, all because I got a great deal on it. Doing one room at a time might take a little longer than you like but when all is said and done you will come to appreciate it even more; not only that but you won’t be broke at the end or have to pay a loan back. Stores like Homegoods, TJMaxx, Burlington etc.… have some great accent furniture and pieces you could use in your home to fit almost any budget.


“You wouldn’t build a house unless the design was exactly what you wanted; Honing in on the design of your renovation project is crucial before you proceed.”

                                                                            -Michael Upshall