I want a new Kitchen

So you want a new kitchen, but don’t know where to start? I know first hand how quickly ideas and reality crash and burn. There is so much that goes into remodeling a kitchen, that no one ever tells you about. Here are just a few things that I was thrown off with.  What cabinet line will I be using, what kind of cabinets (ex. Inset, raised panel, etc…) and where to place them? Will I need an island? where will it go, and how tall and long does it need to be? Do I need all slide out drawers or just shelving? How many spice racks…. And  the list just went on. You feel overwhelmed  with all of this, don’t panic there is a solution.

You have to pick a time where you can sit in your kitchen and write down everything you want to change about it. If you use your kitchen a lot like I do, you won’t have a problem. On the other hand if you don’t use it as often don’t panic or get frustrated, remember planning is key to success. You want to make it stylish, beautiful, convenient, and accessible, this will make your new kitchen easy to love. After all they do say that the Kitchen is the heart of the home. A little planning goes a long way just like with anything else. Most of us spend at least 80% if not more of the time in the kitchen. It’s either eating, cooking or cleaning, and as always a center point of our houses. A renovated kitchen is the best place for our families to gather, talk, laugh, and best of all, make memories.

Once you have everything written down, do some research of kitchen dealers and designers in your area. You will want someone that is going to hear and understand what you want. This person is going to design the kitchen of your dreams so make it worthwhile. Don’t just settle, a kitchen is a big part of our lives and homes. It's something you are investing in for the next twenty or more years. Enjoy the process and remember the mess won’t last forever.


                       “It wont be easy, but it will be worth it”