Holidays are Coming

How do you prepare for the Holidays? Do you go all out on your décor? Does your kitchen smell like a bakery, with cinnamon and chocolate chip cookies? Well that just made me hungry. Or are you the type that forgets or doesn’t like to get in the spirit of the season? I hope not because its such a joyful season this time of year that you just cant help and join in all the fun. I love decorating the house and the tree with my family. The kids get so excited around Thanksgiving time because they know that the following weekend we are decorating the house, baking cookies and then we sit and watch a Christmas movie. I love this tradition and best of all the memories that we create by doing this with them. Do any of you have traditions that you love?

Sometimes we get so caught up with buying presents and getting to a certain store on time, to buy those last minute things. I know that to me it used to be a more stressful season, than a joyful one. But lets not forget, that we have so much to be thankful for, yes even that bed that squeaks and the springs are jamming in our backs. You have to remember that at least its not a dirty floor, or a cardboard box you are sleeping on. Pray for those that are in more need than you. Help those who you are able too. Spread the joy and that smile, you never know who will need it. After all it is the season of giving and it doesn’t have to be a present; a kind word of encouragement and a smile can go a long way. Enjoy it and spread the joy.

             “ An interior is a natural projection of the soul”

                                                                    -Coco Chanel