Trends for 2018

So now that we are in the new year, we tend to get that itch to remodel and update our house. It gets a little tricky from there, you don’t know where to start and trends are always changing. Every year different designs, color schemes and finishes are introduced as “new trends”. Depending on your budget, usually people start with the kitchen or bathroom. Those are the two most used rooms in the house. This year's, trends for the home are fun and somewhat bold, especially for the kitchen. Here is what's trending for 2018:

Florals (think bowls with flower accents)

Statement floors (I’m sure you saw the black and white floors tiles)

Light wood cabinets (think more natural colors)

Warm and Neutrals

Matte Metal Hardware

More color in the Kitchen (more of accents)

Jewel Tones ( Turquoise is big this year)

Heavy Cabinetry

Brass (mirrors, accents on walls or coffee tables)

Shapely Furniture

Black and White (the two tone kitchens)

Quarts (first choice now because it’s so versatile and less maintenance)

Blues, Grays and Black (most popular colors this year)

Natural Accents (plants everywhere, especially the hard to kill plants)

If you are at a loss of what to try, just read through the list and start small. You don’t want to do something major in the house and regret it right after. Remember decorating and remodeling isn’t a race. Think of what you want to change and write it down, do some research. All that work you put in beforehand will be worth it in the end product. Happy change!


“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”

~ Andy Warhol